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Margaret Contreras

Margaret Contreras

What do SCUBA diving and needlepoint have in common?

I love to do them both, and I’ve learned a lot from both hobbies.  From diving, I learned that once you take that first big step, the rest can be an amazing journey.  Needlepoint taught me that patience and attention to detail usually result in something exquisite.

What on earth (or at sea) do either of these things have to do with real estate?

Often the most difficult part of buying or selling a home is simply taking that first step into the unknown; once you decide to “take the  plunge” the rest is usually easier than you thought (especially if you have someone to guide you.)

I have learned that even though some things a tedious and others frustrating, as long as you make a ‘point’ of being meticulous in your execution and use the highest quality materials that you can afford, you’ll end up with something that you will treasure for years to come – and may even be handed down from generation to generation!

My name is Margaret Contreras and I am a REALTOR with over a decade of experience in the Long Island Real Estate Market.  I want to be your guide through the real estate process.  Let me use my knowledge and talent to help you reach the result you seek: whether it’s purchasing your first home, rightsizing after the kids have moved on – or anything in between.  Together we can create something beautiful!

[I would like to dedicate all of the above puns to my brother, John Hampton* Holloway (1958 – 1999), the ‘punniest’ man I have ever known.  It is in memory and for my son Christopher’s future that I pledge 1% of all my profits to Lung Cancer Research.]

*No joke, his middle name really was Hampton.

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