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Thomas Stoebe

Thomas Stoebe

Thomas Stoebe has been a year-round resident of the East End of Long Island since 1989. Growing up, Tom always had a very strong entrepreneurial spirit with a savviness for business. During highschool, at the young age of 18, Tom started his first business in the food industry. Over the next decade, he successfully owned and operated his business, employing dozens of people over the years. With much success, Tom proved himself to be a thriving entrepreneur. Little did Tom know that with this business, he was presented the opportunity to form long-standing relationships with various customers from all over the East End that would be a pivotal attribute to his future success in his current profession as a real estate broker and owner. 

After ten years, Tom moved on to another entrepreneurial business venture in the food business with other business opportunities that followed. It is within Tom’s nature to create something from nothing, and excel at it. His fearless dedication, out-of-the-box thinking and relentless perseverance are what he believes contribute to his life-long success. From one business to another, Tom earned a reputation as a serial entrepreneur, consistently impressing those around him.

By 2012, Tom was introduced to the real estate industry. With an intuitive understanding of business and innate knack for sales, it was only natural for Tom to accelerate quickly and obtain his broker’s license. From there, the opportunities for Tom were infinite. The entrepreneur that he is, combined with a decade of residential and commercial real estate experience, Tom leaped at the opportunity to build his dream: create a brokerage firm composed of a team of real estate professionals that share the same passion as him. Enter Stoebe & Co. Real Estate. Tom, along with co-founder Gloria Scrocco, established this luxury brand that transforms the traditional real estate model into a framework that understands real estate in the context of today’s world, harnesses that knowledge and steers it into the future. This metamorphosis blossomed into what Stoebe & Co. represents today: a new generation of real estate.

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