Best Restaurants in East Quogue

Best Restaurants in East Quogue

East Quogue may cover just twelve square miles, but this quaint town offers plenty. The area remains a callback to an earlier time, with stunning historic homes that include towers, turrets, and everything you could ask for as you step back into the past. Fortunately, plenty of modern restaurants help you find the perfect meal, whether you're headed out for a family meal, a private dinner, or an intimate night out with that special someone.

Dockers Waterside Marina and Restaurant

When you're looking for waterfront dining, Dockers Waterside Marina and Restaurant delivers. You get to enjoy a picturesque lookout over the water with your meal, and you can listen to live music as you take in a variety of tasty dishes. With every seat looking out over the water, it's the perfect place to relax at the end of a busy day.

Enjoy daily specials, including a Friday brunch and a Monday steak and lobster night. Tuesday through Sunday, there's also a food truck available. Dockers offers a mix of American cuisine emphasizing fresh seafood, making it an incredible experience across the board.

New Moon Cafe

At New Moon Cafe, diners can enjoy local Tex-Mex food and daily "Mooner" specials that are sure to delight. The restaurant has various options for everything from breakfast to dinner, including lighter lunch options, such as tacos, bunless burgers, wraps, and sandwiches. While the restaurant offers Mexican-style rice and beans as a side option, it also has traditional American steak fries, sweet potato fries with a maple dipping sauce, and plenty of familiar favorites. This family-owned restaurant is perfect when you're looking for a quick dinner in a fun environment.

Sakura House

Sakura House is one of the best places in East Quogue to find sushi and Japanese cuisine. In addition to familiar teriyaki plates, including a tofu option for vegetarians, Sakura House offers several sushi options, including many favorites that will have you returning for more. Sakura House is hailed as the "best sushi in the Hamptons." Its chefs continue to deliver exceptional quality with every roll.

Stone Creek Inn

Stone Creek Inn delivers fantastic cuisine in an elegant environment. On Mondays and Wednesdays, visitors can enjoy a two-course prix fixe dish, while Thursday through Sunday, visitors can book reservations and enjoy a variety of stunning dishes, from an appetizer of Portuguese octopus carpaccio to a variety of seasonal favorites, such as ruby red shrimp ceviche or warm lobster salad. Many classic dishes, including rack of lamb and filet mignon, also appear on the Stone Creek Inn menu.

For dessert, diners can enjoy favorites such as a warm chocolate lava cake, strawberry cartwheel, or peach crumble. You must make reservations ahead of time to secure a spot at Stone Creek Inn, so if you're planning to enjoy it for a special occasion or event, make your call in advance.

Deli Delight

Deli Delight is the perfect solution for a light lunch, whether you're looking for a sandwich, hot food, salad, or more. It offers homemade drinks, flavored coffee, and both breakfast and lunch favorites in a quaint little store where you can stop in for a few groceries and grab a sandwich for breakfast or lunch at the same time. Deli Delight is known as one of the best delis in East Quogue and the ideal place for a quick stop for lunch. It has small-plate options perfect for a late appetite, or you can pick up your food and head out for a picnic on the waterfront.

Tony's Asian Fusion

When you're looking for a fantastic fusion combination that includes a variety of Asian favorites, Tony's Asian Fusion delivers. You can find pork, chicken, and beef favorites, order your favorite dumplings, or explore a vegetarian option. Tony's Asian Fusion also has chef's specials to delight your taste buds. The Bird's Nest Deluxe includes white meat chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, and a variety of vegetables in a brown sauce served in a bed of crispy noodles. The Shrimp and Steak Q offers a filet mignon with jumbo shrimp and vegetables in the chef's special sauce. With so many options, you're sure to keep coming back to try something new.

East Quogue Pizza and Deli

East Quogue Pizza and Deli has you covered when you're in the mood for pizza. It offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, so whether you're craving a breakfast sandwich with bacon, ham, or sausage or looking for a fantastic specialty sandwich with your favorite deli meats, East Quogue Pizza and Deli has it all.
On the pizza menu, you'll find both traditional and specialty options, including Lasagna pizza, Taco pizza, and Bacon Double Cheeseburger pizza. Try the Special Grandma Sicilian pizza with marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella, and basil, or sample the Vegetarian pizza, which includes broccoli, spinach, and eggplant. You can also experiment with unique flavors, such as the Chicken and Broccoli pizza, or enjoy the Chicken Parmigiana pizza, depending on how the mood strikes. If you're looking for finger foods, East Quogue Pizza and Deli's menu includes mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, and buffalo wings.

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